West Union United Methodist Church
Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Luke 10:27

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 Summer Worship Schedule

Begins June 7th through September 6th

Sunday mornings 9:30 am Worship, In-Person


                   NO  Annual Ecumenical Worship at  the Rec Center Sunday, July 5th.                      


July 5th, 9:30 am Worship at WU

 United Methodist Church



The church will need your financial support through this time. Please mail or drop off your offering at the office. The office will plan on remaining open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to Noon, unless things change, so you may want to call ahead. Thank you for your support.


We are abiding by these recommendations.

Conference Recommendations for Reopening Worship

General recommendations

  • Wear cloth face masks while at church as is also recommended in public spaces.
  • Singing and liturgical responses are among the riskier practices when it comes to spreading droplets/aerosols which can carry the virus a significant distance and remain suspended in the air. A cloth mask is unlikely to be enough to protect you or your neighbor even as you practice appropriate physical distancing. The recommendation is to avoid singing/liturgical responses in the sanctuary while the congregation is gathered.
  • Use no-touch alternatives for passing the peace, collecting offering, and liturgical resources. Consider removing pew Bibles, hymnals and friendship pads especially if you will have multiple services. Use bulletins (do not reuse) or screens as alternatives. If you keep these resources in the pews provide for wipe down after each service.  
  • For children’s time, do not have children come forward. Instead, create from you-to-the-pew story moments engaging children from safe distancing.
  • Distancing: Have people spread out in the sanctuary space. Allow only one family unit per pew with measured markers indicating proper physical distance in approved and marked seating areas. Explore meeting in a fellowship hall or outdoors if your space is small.
  • Do not offer fellowship/coffee hour. Food and drink hospitality only resumes at green-light status. Continue encouraging people to leave the building rather than mingling.



 Office Hours     

 9:00 am to Noon  Mondays through Thursdays

Closed Fridays





Council met June 24th. SPRC made a motion to enter into a sharing agreement with St. Paul’s Methodist Church of Elgin. The motion passed unanimously. A joint SPRC will be formed to work out details. 



May 31st UMW presented Special Mission Recognition pins to Pastor Chris and Sharon Blue. We appreciate Pastor Chris’ spiritual guidance to UMW over the past 7 years and Sharon’s faithfulness as a member of our church for 66 years. May God bless each of them.



NFV School Collection

Lydia Circle Members,

I have been informed that there are some changes for our NFV school collection. Last fall a donation of  50 backpacks was donated to the school. Therefore, backpacks will not be needed for our collection in September. Also, there is not a need for earbuds or flash drives. Listed below are items that are needed. 

headphones                         Clorox wipes

tissues                                  paper towels

crayons (box of 24)             #2 pencils (plain)

pencil box or bag                 2 pocket folders

metal blade scissors           clipboards

Crayola washable markers (no bold colors)

70 page wide rule notebooks

large glue sticks                   3 ring binder

large pink erasers                plastic 2 pocket folders

stocking hats                        mittens

plastic rest mats

So ladies, let’s get a head start on our collection. Maybe pick up an item when you are out shopping.

  Thanks, Margaret                         


Mobile Food Pantry

The Mobile Food Pantry will no longer be held the 2nd Saturday of the month. It will now be held the 2nd Monday of the month from 4:30 to 5:30 pm at Crossfire Church. This change will begin July 13th. 


If you garden, don’t forget about the Plant a Row for the Hungry. Your extra produce may be donated to Open Hands Food Pantry. 


 Farewell to Pastor Chris & DeLyte

 June 21st we bid Pastor Chris and DeLyte farewell. They will be making their home in Forest City. Pastor Chris and DeLyte were presented with a wind chime and card from the congregation and a beautiful wall hanging of the Lord’s Prayer made by the Peacemakers. Fran Bowden, with some help from Meg, Ayla, Kyson & Laurie gave a fun CAKE farewell.  Pastor Chris & DeLyte and the congregation also got an edible cupcake as well. We wish them the best.  

Updating Emails

I am updating our email list at church. If you have changed your email or never given an email to the church, please email:  wuumchurch@gmail.com          Thank you.