West Union United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Luke 10:27

Homebranch News


Bishop Haller strongly encouraged Iowa United Methodist churches not to hold in-person worship through June 1st. Pastor Chris is choosing to honor the bishop's recommendation.


We will not be holding in-person Worship Services or Sunday School through May 31st.

This includes no other church activities through May 31st.


Look for Pastor Chris’ sermon on Pastor Chris’ Facebook page or United Methodist Church of West Union Facebook page. It will be live streamed at 10:15 am on Sunday. 


The church will need your financial support through this time. Please mail or drop off your offering at the office. The office will plan on remaining open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, unless things change, so you may want to call ahead. Thank you for your support.




 Office Hours     

 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Mondays through Thursdays

Closed Fridays


Congratulations to our High School Graduates  

 Our high school graduating seniors are:  Zander Britt, Tracy Halva, Emily Jensen, Megan Kueker.

Congratulations to our graduates and their families!


New Pastor

 Rev. Rick Burns will be moving from Heritage UMC in Waverly to begin on July 1 at West Union UMC as appointed by Bishop Laurie Haller. A native Iowan, Rick grew up in Oran and graduated from Central College and the University of Dubuque. He has served churches in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, and Oklahoma as well as serving as hospital chaplain in Des Moines and Kansas City. Before returning to Iowa two years ago, he served at a United Methodist seminary: Saint Paul School of Theology on the University of Oklahoma City campus. He has two “twenty-something” sons, Brett and Bryce, who each live and work in Kansas City. He enjoys sharing activities with them, including snow skiing, sailing, live music, cheering on the Royals, and hanging out when they come to Iowa to visit grandparents and other family. He is excited about being back in Iowa, especially about snow, cornfields, family, friends, and Maid-Rites. Born and reared as a Methodist, confirmed and ordained as a United Methodist, Rick is passionate about how we live out the calling Jesus has given us and how we help bring the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.



The Trustees took advantage of this quiet time at the church to have some painting done. The sitting area, hallway, storage closet and Narthex have fresh paint. Half of the paint cost was given in memory of Marlys Fink. Thanks to Ron and Don for emptying and putting thing back in the storage closet. Also, to Leanne for mopping and putting things back as well.


Caring Ministries

Exciting News!

  We are forming Caring Ministries, to provide help to our church family members. For one part of the ministry, Karen Halva is organizing those who are willing to be part of a prayer ministry, Prayer Branches.  Ardella would type up the list of those prayer requests Pastor Chris mentions on Sundays, and email to those on the Prayer Branches.  You would also receive phone calls for anyone with a special prayer request:  illness, death, hospitalization, joys, etc.  Those requests would be called in to Ardella at the church office, or Karen Halva (563-422 5871 or 563-518-0030). We would contact the first Prayer Branch person, who would call the next Prayer Branch person with the request, who would call the next, etc.  If your 'next person' does not answer, you would just leave them a message about the prayer requested, and go on to call the next one on the list, in order to keep the branch going.

 To address the immediate needs around the Coronavirus crisis, Sue Williams is organizing another branch of Caring Ministries. Some members of our church family may be sheltering in place and need our help. Caring phone calls, checking to see how they are doing can be instrumental. Also, of great importance will be offering services as needed, i.e. local grocery shopping and dropping items off at their doorstep. If any of you are interested in providing these caring services when the time presents itself, please contact the church office now, so we can be ready. Also, if you are someone in need of a caring service, please contact the office.


NFV School Collection

Lydia Circle Members,

I have been informed that there are some changes for our NFV school collection. Last fall a donation of  50 backpacks was donated to the school. Therefore, backpacks will not be needed for our collection in September. Also, there is not a need for earbuds or flash drives. Listed below are items that are needed. 

headphones                         Clorox wipes

tissues                                  paper towels

crayons (box of 24)             #2 pencils (plain)

pencil box or bag                 2 pocket folders

metal blade scissors           clipboards

Crayola washable markers (no bold colors)

70 page wide rule notebooks

large glue sticks                   3 ring binder

large pink erasers                plastic 2 pocket folders

stocking hats                        mittens

plastic rest mats

So ladies, let’s get a head start on our collection. Maybe pick up an item when you are out shopping.

  Thanks, Margaret 


Plant a Row for the Hungry

Food insecurity impacts the welfare of individuals, families, and communities. In Fayette County 20% of all children under the age of 18 go to bed hungry daily. (Iowa Community Indicators, Iowa State University)

You can make a difference by planting one extra row of vegetables in your garden and donating the produce to the Open Hands Food Shelf. The Plant-A-Row for the Hungry (PAR) is a people-helping-people program that encourages farmers and gardeners to grow a little extra and donate the produce to a local food pantry that serve the hungry.

If you have no garden space or green thumb there are other ways to help, such as harvest, weighing and delivering produce.

If you are interested in this program for this spring please see the table in the entryway. Some free seeds will be available while supply lasts. Seeds will be available at the church entryway March 1st.  You may also donate seed. 


Open Hands Food Pantry

Open Hands Food Pantry continued to serve families in need through the month of April.  A  Drive Thru distribution continued to be used and will continue through May on Tuesday from 1 pm to 6 pm. Since opening October 29, 2019, 520 households have been served, giving over 22,116 pounds of food. Open Hands is very grateful for the support from the church. A proposal was brought to the Trustees to use the space next to the current room being used. The Trustees approved the use. It was brought to Council and through email the space use was approved. The pantry is also donating $50.00 per month to help with utilities.


If you garden, don’t forget about the Plant a Row for the Hungry. Your extra produce may be donated to Open Hands Food Pantry. 



Updating Emails

I am updating our email list at church. If you have changed your email or never given an email to the church, please email:  wuumchurch@gmail.com          Thank you.