West Union United Methodist Church
Friday, August 14, 2020
Luke 10:27

Pastor's Corner


 Stirrings of the Waters*

(thoughts, observations, hopes, and/or movements of the Spirit)

 I’m still feeling disoriented.  I recall as a child, there was a red house just west of Fairbank.  It was our landmark.  When we gave directions to our home in Oran, we always said, “Turn left at the red house.”  Everyone seemed to use the red house to identify that corner.  You can imagine the confusion when they painted the house white. It’s not really a surprise I’m disoriented.  In a lifetime of moves, I’ve always said that a house isn’t a home until you can get up in the middle of the night to go get a drink of water without having to turn on any lights.  I’m just not there yet.

It’s a struggle at church as well because I haven’t figured out the cardinal points of the compass.  The closest I’ve found is that from the pulpit I’m facing north, kind of, if you lean a bit to the right.  Maybe it’s best if I don’t wander downstairs because Ardella might have to send a search party.  I feel out of sorts not being oriented.  (Not “orientated.”  I’m a bit of a word geek and there’s a difference.  I don’t plan on getting orientated for quite a long time.)

All of us are feeling a bit disoriented.  The fair last week was an example: everyone knows where everything is – or is supposed to be – and yet it didn’t feel quite right.  COVID-19 has changed our landmarks, and covered our faces.  I’m laughing at myself right now because learning faces and names isn’t a strength for me, and you all are wearing masks!

And much of this isn’t a laughing matter.  It’s affected our lives in myriad ways: work, school, family, friends, even meals, are all different and we’re learning to negotiate a landscape for which no one has been prepared.  We’re lost even when we’re at home.

Our faith can keep us on the path.  Our songs help us find direction.  The saints guide us by what they taught us.  I think of our hymns: “Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah” (# 127), “Lead On, O King Eternal” (#580), or “Precious Lord, Take My Hand (#474).  We are reminded, time and again, that we are oriented when we “Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus” (#349).  This is a time for us to be faithful and to have our faith orient us.

The words in the refrain of the song “You Are Mine” speak to us today:

                          “Do not be afraid, I am with you.  I have called you each by name. 

                            Come and follow me, I will bring you home; I love you and you are mine.” **


Grace and peace,

Rev. Rick Burns


*              Refers to John 5:2-9, especially verse 4, concerning the pool at Bethesda within which, according to legend, when the water was stirred by an angel one might enter and be healed.

**            “You Are Mine,” # 2218, The Faith We Sing, (the supplemental hymnal found in the pews).