West Union United Methodist Church
Friday, March 16, 2018
Luke 10:27

Pastor's Corner



Consider This… From Chris
One of my little side-line skills is that I tune pianos. I’m not a professional, but I can get a piano sounding good, and I occasional tweak the pianos in the church in-between professional tunings. Small adjustments are sometimes necessary because, for one reason or another, individual notes will go out of tune.

Here are a couple things I’ve learned.  A piano is, with a very few exceptions, tuned to a standard note that is the same world-wide, what is referred to as an A-440. Another important piece is that most of the notes on a piano are actually three strings that are tuned in unison, and are struck by a single hammer (the part that actually hits the strings.) A few of the lower notes are double strings, and the really low ones are single. 

What sometimes happens is that one of the unison strings goes out of tune, making the whole note sound out of tune. If enough of those unisons are out, it makes the whole piano sound bad. That doesn’t even count the notes being out of tune with each other. Changes in the humidity, temperature, the way the piano is played, and a host of other factors can all cause a piano to go out of tune, sometimes just a little bit at a time. It takes regular attention to keep it sounding good.

So here’s what I’m thinking, (this is going to be no great leap, is it?). What is the standard to which you as an individual (and we as a group) are paying attention in your life, the A-440 of your life and faith? Every major religion in the world has standards of decency, ways to treat our neighbors with respect and care. Now I’m not, in this case, talking about who gets to heaven after death; I’m inviting us to consider the standard Jesus gives us, “Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.” In light of the political disharmony, violence disharmony, and use of social media to be cruel, we as a society and a world are in need of a tuning back into a standard of decency. 

The other piece of the tuning depends more on our individual lives. We may be singing a great note, but if it’s out of tune with the rest of the world, or with the rest of the church, or the person standing next to us, the sound will be discord instead of harmony. We are not all on the same note, but we can be in harmony. This is a good time, a right time I believe, to take a good hard look at ourselves and our lives, to see how God wants us to live, and to make the changes to be in tune with both God and with each other. The world needs us to make some beautiful music.