West Union United Methodist Church
Tuesday, April 07, 2020
Luke 10:27

Pastor's Corner



  Consider This… From Chris

In the midst of uncertainty and fear, calls for both isolation and extraordinary connection, we enter into the Easter season.  Although we like to rush straight to the good news of Easter, it is important to remember that those first disciples of Jesus went through shock, darkness, grief and hopelessness first.  Easter has no meaning without Good Friday.

It may be easier this year to put ourselves into their place.  They had experienced that triumphal entry, the crowds shouting their hosannas, the feeling of hope for relief from the occupying Roman army.  The Messiah was coming to make everything right and good again!

Where have we placed our hopes?  On unprecedented stock gains, an economy that seemed to be working well, at least for some people?  On good employment statistics?  On our favorite sports team’s successes?  

And then, suddenly, everything changes.  It’s like a seemingly unstoppable slow-motion train wreck.  The crowds change from chanting “Hosanna” to “Crucify”, and before we know it, the Messiah is hanging on a cross, and our hopes and dreams are dying.  Before we know it, the stock market is tanking, businesses are closing or cutting everything but the bare minimum and jobs are lost, loved ones and neighbors are dying or fearful of getting sick.  Travel is restricted and we are urged to stay socially distant, but somehow stay connected. 

The disciples hid away, afraid for their lives. They were grieving not just the loss of one who loved them, forgave them, healed them and taught them.  They were grieving the loss of hope, loss of dreams, loss of possibilities.

But they stuck together, supporting one another in their common fear and grief.  In the midst of darkness we can still be a caring, loving light to one another. However feeble that light may seem, it is important that no one be left to grieve, to fear, alone. The connections we maintain with each other, even virtually or by phone, are not just important, they are vital for our physical and spiritual health.

We who are in the darkness together know that there is Light that is greater than our own.  On that first Easter morning when the women went to the tomb to grieve and to do what was required for Jesus, they were met instead with the totally unexpected news that death and despair, fear and grief, are not the final answer.  Death is overcome by resurrection for Jesus and for us.  Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed!