West Union United Methodist Church
Thursday, December 08, 2022
Luke 10:27

Pastor's Corner


Stirrings of the Waters

*(thoughts, observations, hopes, and/or movements of the Spirit)

Dear all,

This Advent/Christmas/Epiphany we’re going to follow a little different path: first, we’re going to stray from our normal series of Sunday Scripture readings. Through December and January, we’ll hear the prophet Isaiah speak to us. (And hear a word from Micah, as well.) And we’ll use the Gospel readings to tell us the story of some of the persons who make up the nativity narrative.

We’ll hear about Zechariah, father of John the Baptist, and his visit from the angel. Of course, angelic visitations necessitate hearing about Joseph. Elizabeth and Mary, who are both with child, are part of our story, perhaps on “Obstetrics Sunday?” As the Manna group pointed out, “Who makes a pregnant woman ride a donkey?” Shepherds and angels also play important roles in our story! Then finally, we’ll meet again Anna and Simeon, the Magi, and John the Baptist.

The second thing we’re doing differently is that we’ll be singing Christmas carols straight out of the gate of Advent. Auntie Mame may have had a point when she sang, “We need a little Christmas, right this very minute!” We have all these wonderful Christmas carols and so little time to sing them during Christmas, so as a gift to ourselves, let us sing!

If you’ve not finished your Christmas shopping, may I be so bold as to suggest this: we may have found ourselves in a place where there isn’t anything we “need” for Christmas, and perhaps not even anything we desire. Perhaps the best gift this Christmas season is making memories to last a lifetime. You have the ability to choose to make happy memories for others. I’ve jested that one of the reasons that I enjoy officiating weddings is the opportunity to directly create happy memories. (Perhaps said at a fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration: “I don’t remember who the pastor was, but wasn’t it a great day?!!?”) While many things are not in our control, we do more often hit the target we’re aiming for than not. Aim for happy memories!

In closing, keep your eyes open during Advent and Christmas. Look for the angels everywhere. My tip is this: in spotting angels, I look less for haloes and more for tennis shoes and work boots. 

Grace and peace,

*              Refers to John 5:2-9, especially verse 4, concerning the pool at Bethesda within which, according to legend, when the water was stirred by an angel one might enter and be healed.